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VISION: Making Reading Fun!



01 | Making Learning Fun at Home
​I am committed to helping families make learning fun and easy! Through Usborne Books, I guarantee you will find amazing books that will engage your child(ren)!


My daughter's delight with the books we bought was testimonial enough for me to invest and promote these high quality products.


Throughout this website you will find snap shots of some of my favourite books. Click on any picture for more info.



02 | Bringing the Bookstore to You!

Whether out of the grace of your hospitality, or in mid bustle of a public market, I am committed to bringing the bookstore to you!


Wonderful selections such as Look Inside Your Body, Questions and Answers, The Big Book of Dinoaurs, the Big Book of Machines will draw your child into the excitment of learning.


To ask questions or to book an event, click here

Vision |02


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50 science things to do.jpg
how high is the sky.jpg
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baby's first noisy train.jpg
Vision |03


Questions and Answers.jpg
1001 Wizard Things to spot.jpg
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03 | Community
Enriching schools, learning centers and daycares. If you run / coordinate such a business I would love to connect you to the richness of Usborne Books. 


Coordinating a Book Fair for your school, church or neighbourhood? Click on the "Let's Talk" icon below or click here to connect. I would love to contribute to the growth of your childrens' learning.
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