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My Story




I LOVE books. And as a mother, I especially LOVE childrens' books; high quality, fun to read, engaging books. When I was first introduced to Usborne Books, it didn't take me long to FALL IN LOVE with the quality and variety this particular publisher had to offer.  With over 2000 selections to choose from, I will admit to being a little daunted by all the choices.  Part of my fear was placing my trust in a product I couldn't touch (unless Amber already had a copy). The other part was knowing I was going to WANT TOO many titles - and sure enough, by the time I was done, I had a long list which needed to be paired down.


I can honestly tell you, that I was thrilled with each of the books I bought that day ! In fact, I wanted more books! and I wanted to pass along this best kept little secret to as many other mums, aunties and uncles I knew.


You see, educating my daughter  in a fun and engaging environment is important to me. While there are many ways one can educate one's child, interactive books are a very important tool in our journey.  And what better way to assist me (and others) than by promoting the Usborne brand.


Trust me: once you see some of the amazing titles offered, you too will be convinced.


See some books here

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