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 Books for Schools


However big or small your event or order is, I can offer the best possible terms and service available.

Here are just some examples of the benefits I can offer you:



Schools can get free books simply by making purchases or by holding an Usborne event. The Usborne Reach for the Stars read-a-thon and Literacy Fair program are fantastic ways for your school or organisation to have fun, raise money for new books and benefit from extra free books.




Ready, Steady…READ! and Ready, Steady… Listen! are pledge-based reading incentives that help stock bookshelves in libraries and classrooms across the country, and puts educational books into the hands of children and teachers – making finding out fun.... and easy!


They are great ways to introduce the importance of sharing books at home to parents, help you promote literacy AND get FREE BOOKS for your preschool, daycare or school.


Every cent pledged is returned to the organisation - a 100% return! And if total pledges exceed $500, the organization’s return increases up to 105%! Wow!




Literacy Fair

A Literacy Fair is a display set up at a school/organization, where parents, students and staff have the opportunity to look at and order books. You can get 25% in free books.


In order to qualify for free books, your order must be at least $500. Then you can order an extra 25% of the retail value of the fair in free books – that’s a massive $125 in free books. That's just to start!



Direct Orders

Just want to stock up your classroom or school library with new books?  All direct orders greater than $100 recieve 15% in FREE BOOKS.


Whatever the needs of your organisation, I can offer the complete Usborne range of over 2,500 titles at incredible value.



Contact me for more information, or see our latest specials.

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